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  1. Previous LH cars set benchmarks for roominess and trunk space.
  2. So was the excellent stereo system, cushy seats and broad roominess.
  3. Highs : 30-plus mpg fuel economy, roominess
  4. Despite its roominess, the Taurus lacks interior storage.
  5. The girth is especially noticeable in the roominess of the middle seating area.
  6. There was a feeling of roominess _ of space _ about his methods.
  7. My expectations for back seat roominess have remained high.
  8. The roominess of the Impala is impressive, too.
  9. The roominess within the garment is adjustable from within.
  10. Highs : Improved ergonomics, styling, roominess.
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  1. spatial largeness and extensiveness (especially inside a building); "the capaciousness of Santa''s bag astounded the child"; "roominess in this size car is always a compromise"; "his new office lacked the spaciousness that he had become accustomed to"
    synonyms:, ,
  2. intellectual breadth; "the very capaciousness of the idea meant that agreement on fundamentals was unnecessary"; "his unselfishness gave him great intellectual roominess"

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