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  1. Since then, German printing set in Roman type has used the letter ?
  2. In 1532 Antoine Augereau cut the punches for a roman type very close to Estienne's.
  3. Roman type has helped establish the remarkable resistance to change of the modern Latin alphabet.
  4. He followed this by producing a number of Roman types for English and Scottish printers.
  5. Following the German 16518, Wiesbaden Swing is considered a script typeface or handwritten roman type.
  6. Two subsequent editions in Breton's lifetime employed roman type.
  7. Roman types were used by the printers of Salamanca for their editions of classical authors.
  8. The Latin names in bold Roman type, and the Dutch names in elegant Gothic calligraphy.
  9. In 1903 it was proclaimed as the new standard for the Eszett in Roman type.
  10. With the advent of Roman type it was reduced to the round dot we have today.


  1. a typeface used in ancient Roman inscriptions
    synonyms:, ,

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