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  1. They were designated Mk III ( Roman numbers ) prior to 2 April 1945.
  2. The I and V from the title resemble the Roman number for 4, IV.
  3. The letter sign is also used to mark lower-case Roman numbers, as in.
  4. Metal roman numbers have also been made by F . H . Ayres of London and Hamleys.
  5. The duration of the season is indicated with arabic numbers for the days and roman numbers for the hours.
  6. The establishments connected with experimentation and production of equipment were mainly concentrated in Hertfordshire and were designated by roman numbers.
  7. Only rarely did the Romans number the year from the Varro, 753 BC, has been adopted by modern historians.
  8. One unique clock feature uses " IIII " for the number 4 instead of the traditional Roman number " IV ".
  9. On all four sides are entrenched special metal plates mounted to the hands and inscribed Roman numbers from one to twelve.
  10. The Roman number IV was used, making it IV League, and in referring to it vocally, IV became Ivy.
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