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  1. I want a riveter like Rosie to have attached the handles.
  2. Women factory workers embodied the " Rosie the Riveter " ideal.
  3. Neither of them redirect appropriately to " Rosie the Riveter ".
  4. Meghan Fardelmann became the first Riveter to record a hat trick.
  5. Packer is currently an alternate captain for the New York Riveters.
  6. Young Belfast ironworkers and riveters pose in the bowels of the ship.
  7. The America / 3 " Rosie The Riveter"
  8. One male icon isn't a man : Rosie the Riveter.
  9. They hadn't worked as riveters and bus drivers.
  10. They called him ` Pete the Riveter',"


  1. a machine for driving rivets
  2. a worker who inserts and hammers rivets

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