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• पक्वनोत्तर अवस्था
ripening:    पकना परिपक्व होना
stage:    अवस्था कार्य
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  1. The fruit grows to a ripening stage in about 8 months.
  2. The color of the pulp is variable, depending on the species and the ripening stage.
  3. In the fruit-ripening stage, a long, wide, unwinged, leguminous fruit develops.
  4. Initially streaked with red, the exocarp pigmentation transitions from green to red to dark purple, indicating a final ripening stage.
  5. However, the tannin s most important role is during the grape's ripening stage as its function is to formulate color and body shape.
  6. It also becomes an issue during the ripening stage when vines in cool-climate regions may need additional heat radiated from the ground in order to sufficiently ripen its fruit ( an example of this is the slate-based vineyards of the Germany ).
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