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  1. The specific epithet, " ringens ", refers to the wide open two-lipped flowers.
  2. "Salvia ringens " forms a basal clump of pinnately divided leaves, typically less than 1 foot high and wide.
  3. Araujo ( 1963 ) described male copulatory organs of " Ringicella ringens " as spirally coiled, that is different from previous description by Fischer and by Pilsbry.
  4. ""'Ringicella ringens " "'is a species of air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Odontostomidae.
  5. It feeds mainly on the Peruvian anchoveta, " Engraulis ringens ", and the Peruvian silverside, " Odontesthes regia ", which thrive in the cold Humboldt Current.
  6. Many Orchidacae species common in Brazilian rain forests, such as " Mormolyca ringens ", have a similar mixture of alkanes / alkenes that will attract those same drones to the flower.
  7. Unlike the shell, the soft anatomy is not especially peculiar, in so far as it is known from Dr . Paul Fischer's ( 1857 ) account of " Ringicella ringens ".
  8. The rat's tail babiana ( " Babiana ringens " ) is a species of plant that produces a strong stalk within the inflorescence that serves as a perch for the malachite sunbird as it visits the flower.
  9. The description of the reproductive system of " Ringicella ringens " as described by Fischer ( 1869 ) applies in all essential details to " Anostoma depressum " with the exception of a penis retractor muscle attached to the vas deferens.

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