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  1. In any case, the analysis of the rigid body motion begins with the point force model.
  2. A " rigid body motion " is in effect the same as a curve in the Euclidean group.
  3. Applied mathematics ( ballistics, rigid body motion, etc ) also demands that you memorize a whole bunch of equations.
  4. The Hessian, however is not invertible, as its rank is 3N-6 ( 6 variables responsible to a rigid body motion ).
  5. 1888 : The Kovalevskaya top, one of a brief list of known examples of integrable rigid body motion, was discovered by Sofia Kovalevskaya.
  6. The pontoon type is flexible compared to other kinds of offshore structures, so that the elastic deformations are more important than their rigid body motions.
  7. Such a measure does not distinguish between rigid body motions ( translations and rotations ) and changes in shape ( and size ) of the body.
  8. The asteroid was named after the first major Russian female mathematician, Sofia Kovalevskaya ( 1850 1891 ), who has made important contributions to partial differential equations and rigid body motion " ( also see Kovalevskaya top ) ".
  9. Where x is a degree of freedom ( e . g . a vector of rigid body motions ), \ omega is the oscillation frequency, M is the structural mass and inertia A ( \ omega ) is the added mass ( frequency dependent ), B ( \ omega ) is the linear damping ( frequency dependent ), C is the restoring force coefficient ( similar to stiffness matrix in a structural dynamic function ) and F ( \ omega ) is the harmonic excitation force proportional to x and the wave height \ zeta _ a.

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