revolutions per minute meaning in Hindi

revolutions per minute sentence in Hindi
प्रति मिनट परिक्रमण
per:    कारण से द्वारा
minute:    मिनट समय मीटिंग का
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  1. The maximum number of revolutions is at 11, 500 revolutions per minute.
  2. The cylinder is spun until it reaches a few revolutions per minute.
  3. The wheel was then found to be turning at twenty-six revolutions per minute.
  4. Its aluminum alloy wheels spin at 8, 500 revolutions per minute.
  5. The displacement is; full power is achieved at 1, 500 revolutions per minute.
  6. Its aluminum alloy wheels spin at 8, 500 revolutions per minute . jjh-sf-vj
  7. Total power was 4, 650 ( IHP ) at 125 revolutions per minute.
  8. The DKM motor reached higher revolutions per minute and was more naturally balanced.
  9. A rotation speed of 1, 980 revolutions per minute was considered perfectly acceptable.
  10. When operating, the blades turn at a constant speed of 15.7 revolutions per minute.
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  1. rate of revolution of a motor; "the engine was doing 6000 revs"

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