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• विपर्येय लोलक
reversible:    दुतरफ़ा वस्त्र
pendulum:    दोलक निदोल लंगर
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  1. In 1817 Henry Kater used this idea to produce a type of reversible pendulum, now known as a Kater pendulum, for improved measurements of the acceleration due to gravity.
  2. He also was first to propose using a reversible pendulum to measure gravity, which was independently invented in 1817 by Henry Kater and became known as the Kater's pendulum.
  3. Kater built a reversible pendulum ( shown at right ) consisting of a brass bar with two opposing pivots made of short triangular " knife " blades " ( a ) " near either end.
  4. Combining these instruments he tried to determine a standard of length by use of a seconds pendulum ( initially a Foucault pendulum, later he ordered a Repsold reversible pendulum which arrived shortly after his death ).

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