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• उत्क्रमण सममिति
reversal:    उलटाव खण्डन
symmetry:    समरूपता समानता
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  1. The symmetry of complex conjugation is called time-reversal symmetry.
  2. The Nanson method satisfies and the Baldwin method violates reversal symmetry.
  3. Electric stirring explicitly breaks time-reversal symmetry.
  4. However, note that using another rounding method could prevent the failure to Reversal symmetry.
  5. Majority judgment fails reversal symmetry, but this is only because of the rounding used.
  6. :A cosmological constant by itself doesn't break time translation or time reversal symmetry.
  7. :A closely related way to see through this, is to consider time reversal symmetry.
  8. Its distribution is invariant under orthogonal conjugation, and it models Hamiltonians with time-reversal symmetry.
  9. It does not satisfy the Condorcet loser criterion, the independence of clones criterion or reversal symmetry.
  10. The underlying reason for the difference in dispersion relation is that ferromagnets violate time-reversal symmetry.
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