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  1. It was purchased by the Congregational Superior, Reverend Mother Brigid Watson.
  2. Finally it is decided that Murbella is ready to become a Reverend Mother.
  3. She becomes a full Reverend Mother but remains very independent, with mysterious depths.
  4. A Kwisatz Haderach is given abilities different from those of a Reverend Mother.
  5. As the founder of the congregation, Murphy was named Reverend Mother Margaret Mary.
  6. She said her new title would be " very reverend mother Frances ."
  7. Even Aileen Espinosa Cura's Mother Abbess is more maternal than " Reverend Mother "-like.
  8. The first principal, Reverend Mother St . Levine, was murdered.
  9. Jessica undergoes the ritual of spice agony and replaces the dying Fremen Reverend Mother.
  10. Amnesia runs off crying, and the rest of the Sisters follow, except for Reverend Mother.

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