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  1. When home sales slow, it reverberates through the entire economy.
  2. That alone will keep the Simpson case reverberating for some time.
  3. The effects are just beginning to reverberate throughout New York City.
  4. But the outcome of the raids continued reverberating across the city.
  5. What remains are the recriminations, reverberating endlessly through the process.
  6. McDermott said, as the strident chants reverberated off office buildings.
  7. Chants reverberated throughout the crowd, " Pope John Paul!
  8. The overdoses continue to reverberate in many ways, authorities say.
  9. These same pictures dangerously reverberate through the black community as well.
  10. That could reverberate and have a negative impact on the dollar.
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  1. characterized by resonance; "a resonant voice"; "hear the rolling thunder"
    synonyms:resonant, resonating, resounding, reverberative

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