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प्रतिगमन परिपथ
return:    बिना बिका या बिकने
circuit:    घेरा चक्कर दौरा
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  1. The earliest telephones used telegraph lines, or open-wire single-wire earth return circuits.
  2. To transmit power from one point to another distance point, you need a return circuit / conductor.
  3. This plasma diverted to the metal of the shuttle and from there to the ionospheric return circuit.
  4. Any person stepping off the tram completed the earth return circuit and could receive a nasty electric shock.
  5. The greatest source of interference on this kind of transmission is usually the crosstalk between the go and return circuits themselves.
  6. One wire circuits were typically called earth return circuits, or sometimes'non metallic'and two wire were also referred to as'metallic circuits '.
  7. The presence of the audio return circuit from the amplifier output to input made the reflex circuit vulnerable to such parasitic oscillation problems.
  8. Although apparently lacking a complete circuit, such a topology effectively obtains a return circuit by virtue of the load's self-capacitance and parasitic capacitance.
  9. The building was designed to accommodate a large low speed wind tunnel of the Eiffel type with an open return circuit and open-jet test section of 2 m diameter, as well as offices and shops.
  10. The return circuit walk that begins at either the Tallanbana or Goomoolahra picnic areas will pass Twin Falls, Rainbow Falls, Goomoolahra Falls, Kadjagooma Falls, Ngarri-dhum Falls, Gooroolba Falls, Poonyahra Falls, Poondahra Falls, and Blackfellow Falls.
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