retrogress meaning in Hindi

[ 'retrəugres ] sound:
retrogress sentence in Hindi
• पुनः पतन होना
• बदतर हो जाना
• पीछे हटना
• पतन होना
• बदतर हो जाना
• लौट जाना
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  1. Eclogite may completely retrogress to amphibolite or granulite during exhumation.
  2. And I've been so busy that I've never really had time to retrogress ."
  3. It's just naturally a time when you start reflecting, even though you don't like to retrogress.
  4. China is currently in the " robber baron " stage, and American business is trying to retrogress to that stage.
  5. On Monday, the upper-level low will " retrogress, " pressing westward against the normal flow of atmospheric traffic.
  6. Under the " retrogress from Waco " plan, the proposed manpower requirements to provide cover as the forces retreated included four helicopters, four fixed-wing aircraft and 106 SWAT agents.
  7. Why not now look into the community ? . . . Let's think progressively and not retrogress and find ourselves in a position where we do not have the tools to see our city advance ."
  8. "We want job security, " said Jeff Greenberg, a central office technician and shop steward . " Everything we've worked for in every contract Verizon is trying to re-negotiate and retrogress ."
  9. However, in certain cases, such as if a large number of old cases work their way through the system at about the same time, the cut-off dates can actually " retrogress " ( or roll back ).
  10. Such conduct is the beginning of anarchy, and if not deterred, such conduct could reverse the political gains we have made and probably cost our country to retrogress into another civil conflict . " Sirleaf also ordered the country's security forces to investigate the attacks and prevent further violence.
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  1. go back to bad behavior; "Those who recidivate are often minor criminals"
    synonyms:relapse, lapse, recidivate, regress, fall back
  2. get worse or fall back to a previous condition
    synonyms:regress, retrograde

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