retold meaning in Hindi

retold sentence in Hindi
• फिर से सुनाना
• पुनः कहना
• फिर से सुनाना
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  1. Henny Youngman retold jokes that probably first bombed before Pearl Harbor.
  2. His father, Robert, retold his son's story.
  3. In the 1990s the tale is being retold with new twists.
  4. Almost as huge as when Kuchar retold the tale hours later.
  5. They are always wonderful to read, even in retold form.
  6. THE ADVENTURES OF SNOWWOMAN . Retold and illustrated by Katya Arnold.
  7. Life experience enriches each interpretation as stories are told and retold.
  8. The'Christmas Future'sequence retold the story of Cinderella.
  9. Damien's story is retold through a series of flashbacks.
  10. His experiences are retold in two books and two documentary films.
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