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[ ritikjʊ'leiʃ(ə)n ] sound:
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  1. In 2000, the stratigraphically younger than individuals with stronger reticulation.
  2. The basal portion is suffused with blackish brown between the reticulations.
  3. The hindwings are brownish cream with a darker reticulation and periphery.
  4. The forewings are light grey with dark grey or black reticulations.
  5. The hindwings are dark brown, with darker streaks and reticulations.
  6. Its belly and insides of legs are white with a dark reticulation.
  7. The forewings are light brown with fine darker brown reticulations.
  8. The forewings are straw yellow to light brown with darker brown reticulations.
  9. The forewings are pale orange-yellow with faint traces of reticulation.
  10. Further error tolerance can be achieved by using reticulation.
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  1. an arrangement resembling a net or network; "the reticulation of a leaf"; "the reticulation of a photographic emulsion"
  2. (photography) the formation of a network of cracks or wrinkles in a photographic emulsion

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