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• पुन:स्‍थापन पारिस्‍थतिकी
• प्रत्यास्थापन पारिस्थितिकी
restoration:    पुनर्नवीकरण
ecology:    पर्यावरण
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  1. Restoration ecology is organized at the community level, looking at specific ecosystems.
  2. "' Restoration ecology "'emerged as a separate field in ecology in the 1980s.
  3. If using local native plants, endemic and indigenous flora and fauna restoration ecology is supported.
  4. While Peters supports some of these efforts, he thinks some of restoration ecology's hopes are unrealistic.
  5. Reversing the effects of fragmentation and increasing habitat connectivity are the central goals of restoration ecology.
  6. An entire field, restoration ecology, has arisen to defend " native " species against " alien " invaders.
  7. Restoration ecology projects, including controlled burning and water retention strategies, are ongoing to maintain and improve these habitats.
  8. Understanding and minimizing the differences between modern anthropogenic and " natural " disturbances is crucial to restoration ecology.
  9. Restoration ecology restores sites to former function, structure, and components of biological diversity through active modification of the landscapes.
  10. Greatly disrupted by decades of logging and farming, these vegetative communities are healthy again after extensive restoration ecology efforts.
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