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अनुनादी कोटर
resonant:    अनुनादी अनुनादी
cavity:    कोटर कोटरिका
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  1. The real Earth ionosphere waveguide is not a perfect electromagnetic resonant cavity.
  2. :Microwave ovens form a resonant cavity with a frequency around 2.45 GHz.
  3. Sound is further shaped by the characteristics of the guitar body's resonant cavity.
  4. In the reflex klystron the electron beam passes through a single resonant cavity.
  5. Microwave resonant cavities can be represented and thought of as simple LC circuits.
  6. The resonant cavity is fixed at a frequency in the super high frequency band.
  7. Instead methods such as stripline or resonant cavities are used.
  8. The basic setup for an FMR experiment is a microwave resonant cavity with an electromagnet.
  9. A resonant cavity will have a maximum reflection when on resonance with the input source.
  10. In July 2014, Eagleworks reported tentative positive results for evaluating a tapered RF resonant cavity.
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