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  1. Look for resistant varieties if you remain dissatisfied with your present vines.
  2. Another way to employ genetic controls is to choose disease-and pest-resistant varieties.
  3. Breeding resistant varieties is the most cost-effective method to control this rust.
  4. This is the first resistant variety, but by no means the last,
  5. However, scab-resistant varieties, which are not sprayed frequently show the infection.
  6. Today, resistant varieties make up 30 percent of Mexico's 185, 300 potato acres.
  7. Ask your nurseryman for an appropriate fungicide and about disease-resistant varieties of pyracantha.
  8. Other control methods include sanitation to prevent transmission, chemical control, and resistant varieties.
  9. Usage of resistant varieties, trapping using pheromones, and light traps are also undertaken.
  10. The disease has become increasingly deadly as drug-resistant varieties have evolved.

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