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  1. Variation occurs within species, and TSV-resistant strains of shrimp have been developed.
  2. It is expected to prolong the lives of patients with drug-resistant strains.
  3. The Pittsburgh clone or other resistant strains may already have spread elsewhere,
  4. The resistant strains were apparently not transmitted, and all three patients survived.
  5. Treating patients with resistant strains is far more expensive, the report said.
  6. A blight-resistant strain of arabica was introduced by French experts in 1992.
  7. Drug-resistant strains also became more common, a result of inadequate TB treatment.
  8. Vancomycin-resistant strains of Enterococcus bacteria ( VRE ) are becoming increasingly common.
  9. Patients with drug-resistant strains are at greater risk of developing full-blown AIDS.
  10. Few countries report the appearance of antibiotic-resistant strains of deadly bacteria.

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