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  1. The massif is built mostly by gabbro rocks, a hard and resistant rock.
  2. A makhtesh has steep walls of resistant rock surrounding a deep closed valley.
  3. Slate is a hard, resistant rock, able to withstand the erosive power of water.
  4. The tributary valley composed of more resistant rock then hangs over the main valley.
  5. Small examples are probably very widespread where solifluction deposits contain large concentrations of frost-resistant rock blocks.
  6. A parallel pattern also develops in regions of parallel, elongate landforms like outcropping resistant rock bands.
  7. Then erosion set in, shaping more resistant rock into ridges and cutting valleys into weaker ones.
  8. The monadnocks were formed when erosion resistant rock is exposed after softer rock is eroded over time.
  9. Resistant rock strata interrupt the flow in places, including at Pashupatinath Temple . and sewage-laden Tukucha Khola.
  10. The coastline is composed mainly of resistant rocks that give rise in many places to impressive cliffs.

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