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  1. Currently, resinoids are often obtained by extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide.
  2. Oleoresins are similar to perfumery resinoids, which are prepared also from animal secretions.
  3. It is prepared for use in perfumery by solvent extraction to yield either a tincture ( 10 or 20 percent ), an resinoid.
  4. Natural fixatives are resinoids ( benzoin, labdanum, myrrh, olibanum, storax, tolu balsam ) and animal products ( ambergris, castoreum, musk, and civet ).
  5. In December 1968, it developed and released an ultra-thin resinoid cutting wheel, MICRON-CUT . As the cutting equipment at the time often caused damage to the abrasive wheels, the corporation moved into the market, releasing an automatic scriber and dicing saw in April 1975.


  1. a plastic containing resins

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