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resin:    धूना धूप राल घना
bonded:    अनुबद्धसौदा बद्ध
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  1. Resin bonded media is good for preparing a metal surface for plating.
  2. The un-bonded sand of lost foam casting can be much simpler to maintain than green sand and resin bonded sand systems.
  3. From 2012 onwards, the company branched out into installing resin bound gravel, a porous stone paving type, and resin bonded gravel, a non-porous alternative.
  4. The result : tooth-colored fillings, resins bonded to teeth to repair chips or cover discolored teeth, and natural-looking veneers that close gaps and even out misshapen teeth.
  5. Initially this combined the wing of the Javelot II with a fuselage built around the same steel tube structure but now with a resin bonded glass cloth covering forward of the wings.
  6. Other uses are in resin bonded panels, as filler in compounds for gaskets, in brake pads, in plastics in the automotive industry, as a filtering medium, and as a growth medium in hydroponics.
  7. In the case of resin, the paper is film coated with a Phenolic resin to become Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper, ( SRBP ) or impregnated after dry winding with epoxy resins, to become Resin Impregnated Paper or Epoxy Resin Impregnated Paper ( RIP, ERIP ).
  8. Many alternatives exist to secure the maxillary and mandibular dentition including resin bonded arch bars, Ivy loops ( small eyelets of wires ), orthodontic bands and MMF bone screws where titanium screws with holes in the head of them are screwed into the basal bone of the jaws then secured with wire.
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