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resiliently sentence in Hindi
प्रतिरोधक्षम्मतापूर्ण ढंग से
समुत्थानशक्तिसंपन्न ढंग से
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  1. After two days the students have held up resiliently and credibly.
  2. No longer sure-footed, but resiliently awkward.
  3. May your will be as a bowstring resiliently drawn.
  4. The difference Thursday was that she backed it up by continuing to play resiliently.
  5. Market watchers hope they respond in the future as resiliently as they did Monday.
  6. Srivijaya resiliently succeed on repelling Javanese Medang invaders.
  7. But Face resiliently returned to save 18 games in 1966 and 17 in 1967, finishing second in the NL both years.
  8. They resiliently erased four Dallas leads, but the longest Shields could ever keep the game tied was 4 minutes, 1 second.
  9. Even so, as the film progresses, the horsing around gives way to the resiliently predatory frightfulness of Nosferatu's appearance.
  10. Even with the Gatekeeper powers gone, she still is an important ally to the Rangers and continues to resiliently work on her magic.
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