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बचाव लाइन
rescue:    छुटकारा निस्तार
line:    श्रेणी डोरी पेशा
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  1. And he would love to extend the same rescue line to others.
  2. She appeared to be losing her grip on a rescue line.
  3. The helicopter rescues Bert and soon they return try to catch Arland, but passes the rescue line to Kelly.
  4. A Chinese fisherman clings to a helicopter rescue line after being pulled from the water outside Hong Kong on Wednesday.
  5. The Imaginext Rescue Center was the initial lead play set of the rescue line which, like the medieval line, quickly expanded.
  6. Fire officials said intially they could not open or break through the locked windows and used 1, 000 feet of rescue line instead.
  7. When the rescue line is set up for Kate to cross, Serling ( George Calil ), travers and grabs Kate to swing to Michael.
  8. A few minutes later, when a hook was lowered to retrieve Prather, he stood on a float attached to the gondola and grasped the rescue line.
  9. In the summer, demonstrations are given of rescue drills and equipment used to fire a rescue line from shore more than to a ship in distress.
  10. When he got close enough to throw the rescue line to the stranded man, he was too weak to secure himself, and the line fouled the pylon.
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