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उद्धार गृह
rescue:    छुटकारा निस्तार
home:    वतन आश्रय कुटुंब
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  1. She established " Nannie Girls'Rescue Home " as a shelter for them.
  2. It was established as the Chinese Girls'Rescue Home in December 1887,
  3. The asylum changed its name in 1893, becoming known as a'Rescue Home '.
  4. The full name of the hospital became the London Lock Hospital and Rescue Home.
  5. Crittenton had been establishing rescue homes, primarily oriented toward providing women an alternative to prostitution.
  6. She dubbed it the " Rescue Home ".
  7. The women's rescue home was moved to a wing in the new hospital, called the Perkins Pavilion.
  8. Realizing the need for additional care for pregnant women, The Salvation Army opened rescue homes across the globe.
  9. Ronaldo finally meets up with the Simpsons and gives them the 50, 000 dollars they need to rescue Homer.
  10. Meanwhile, Flanders runs into the burning house to rescue Homer and pulls him out just as the firefighters arrive.
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