requite meaning in Hindi

[ ri'kwait ] sound:
requite sentence in Hindi
• लौटाना
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  1. Butler stressed that getting inspections going again simply requited Iraqi cooperation.
  2. Charles is appreciative and empathetic but does not requite her love.
  3. The young man also dreams of his lady requiting his love.
  4. In this case, Diaghilev's passion was requited only artistically.
  5. And at long last, their love had been requited.
  6. Couples turned to requite, but then shied away.
  7. The songs have themes of romance and sexual love, requited or unrequited.
  8. Carthoris wonders if his love will ever be requited by the promised Thuvia.
  9. In the case of Sasson and others, the opportunity was well requited.
  10. Both ideas requite a developer / programmer and consensus.
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  1. make repayment for or return something

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