repossess meaning in Hindi

[ 'ri:pə'zes ] sound:
repossess sentence in Hindi
• वापस लेना
• अधिकार पाना
• फिर पाना
• फिर अधिकार करना
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  1. They said they would repossess the car unless it was paid.
  2. Federated apparently was not as aggressive in threatening to repossess items.
  3. As the Genie attempts to repossess Seda, Seda kills himself.
  4. Otherwise, the creditors will have a right to repossess the planes.
  5. Otherwise, lessors have the right to repossess the planes.
  6. The Church attempted to repossess the cathedral in the 1990s.
  7. repossess the vehicle and sell it again at the dealership.
  8. Repossess me Mama is the mantra that demands access to your brain.
  9. And he is quick to repossess cars whose owners fall behind on payments.
  10. Is there any way the Academy can repossess Oscars?
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  1. regain possession of something
    synonyms:take back
  2. claim back

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