repaying meaning in Hindi

repaying sentence in Hindi
• सार्थक होना
• बदला चुकाना
• वापस करना
• चुका देना
• पलटा देना
• वापस लौटाना
• मुआवज़ा चुकाना
• सार्थक होना
• चुकाना
• बदला चुकाना
• लौटाना
• बदला देना
• प्रतिफल देना
• शोधन करना
• भुगतान करना
• लौटा देना
• प्रतिदान करना
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  1. Many people spent the refunds rather than repaying them to Beneficial.
  2. A weaker baht will raise the cost of repaying the debts.
  3. But she also had problems repaying the $ 10, 000.
  4. A stronger won reduces the cost of repaying foreign currency debt.
  5. They begin repaying principal after a seven-year grace period.
  6. The states and localities would be responsible for repaying the principal.
  7. Now, some large corporate borrowers are having trouble repaying loans.
  8. Clinton has proposed repaying the United Nations in installments through 1999.
  9. They also keep their promise of repaying their debts as scheduled.
  10. Many borrowers will have problems repaying their debts to commercial banks.
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