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• याद ताज़ा करने वाला
• याद ताज़ा करने वाला
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  1. It's remindful of 1992 when Lil E . Tee won the Derby.
  2. Moscow remains a beautiful river city with high-rise suburbs remindful of New York.
  3. Her play is remindful of the way Moses Malone thrived, relentless on the offensive boards.
  4. You also see a sign, remindful of scoreboards in old baseball parks, showing two giant numbers.
  5. Some Americans will find Benigni's eccentric physical and verbal comic assault uncomfortably remindful of Jerry Lewis at his worst.
  6. Sauvage has a beloved beat-up chair that is remindful of the old, rusting car you cannot part with.
  7. This understanding would give the believers strength to withstand the unexpected grief and keeps them humble and remindful of God during happy moments.
  8. It's remindful of HBO's " The Larry Sanders Show " in its natural funniness and basis in reality.
  9. The land was already improved, its barns and buildings remindful of a traditional thoroughbred operation that would be located in the Bluegrass of Kentucky.
  10. In an experiment remindful of " Jurassic Park, " scientists have awakened the bacteria from a 25-million-year sleep.
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  1. serving to bring to mind; "cannot forbear to close on this redolent literary note"- Wilder Hobson; "a campaign redolent of machine politics"
    synonyms:evocative, redolent, reminiscent, resonant

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