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• अवशिष्ट चुंबकत्व
remanent:    अवशेष अवशिष्ट
magnetism:    आकर्षण-शक्ति
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  1. This phenomenon is called hysteresis and the remaining magnetic field is called remanent magnetism.
  2. Another latching type has a remanent core that retains the contacts in the operated position by the remanent magnetism in the core.
  3. Single plume mantle convection generating new crust in southern hemisphere with alternating bands of normal and reversed remanent magnetism, adapted from Vita-Finzi & Fortes, 2013.
  4. Fulgurites are, with the analysis of LIRM, or Lightning-induced remanent magnetism ) anomaly, primary sources for environmental information produced by the study of paleolightning in paleoclimatology and atmospheric sciences.
  5. When the generator first starts to turn, the small amount of remanent magnetism present in the iron core provides a magnetic field to get it started, generating a small current in the armature.

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