remade meaning in Hindi

remade sentence in Hindi
फिर से बनाना
नये सिरे से बनाना
वस्तु जिसे फिर से बनाया गया
रद्दोबदल करना
मरम्मत करना
फिर बनाना
फिर से करना
बदल डालना
नये सिरे से बनाना
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  1. They made me, so I turned around and remade them.
  2. The Wise Men who remade American policy after 1945 understood that.
  3. More recently, she was remade into a thoroughly modern housewife.
  4. In effect, the edifice was a remade Venetian bell tower.
  5. He turned the clubhouse upside down, remade the whole team.
  6. Comedy Central has remade " Make Me Laugh ."
  7. It remade Alaska, destroying several small towns in the process.
  8. Remade himself at midlife from minister to graduate student to psychologist.
  9. Apple has also remade its new search feature, called Sherlock.
  10. She wore oversized pearls too crude even for her remade features.
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