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rehearsal:    दोबारा बयान कथन
method:    संचार कायदा क्रम
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  1. The MAT adopted it as its official rehearsal method in 1911.
  2. At Stanislavski's instistence, the MAT went on to adopt the'system'as its official rehearsal method in 1911.
  3. METHODIKA developed to a highly acclaimed think tank for new unexplored Ideas and practices in theatre education and rehearsal methods.
  4. The technique has been used as a rehearsal method by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon and the Bell Shakespeare Company in Sydney.
  5. Shaw's institute singers, numbering close to 200, seemed to profit from his clever rehearsal methods and sound ideas, absorbing large amounts of detail in a very few days of rehearsal.
  6. Protas said that this rehearsal method was used by Graham herself for the piece, " Errand Into the Maze, " as a way to connect with the experience of being restrained, which he said he told Brown.
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