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• रेंगोसोल
• रेगोसॉल
• रेगोसोल
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  1. Regosols occur in all climate zones without permafrost and at all elevations.
  2. Coastal Beach land type represents bare or grassy regosol sand.
  3. Regosols in mountain areas are best left under forest.
  4. Land use and management of Regosols vary widely.
  5. Regosols are particularly common in arid areas, in the dry tropics and in mountain regions.
  6. Some Regosols are used for capital-intensive irrigated farming but the most common land use is low volume grazing.
  7. It is widespread on rocky areas and is grown on different soil associations, including alfisols, regosols, and lithosols.
  8. The soil in which they are located is thin and poorly developed, being principally litosol, regosol, and cambisol.
  9. The group of Regosols is a taxonomic rest group containing all soils that could not be accommodated in any of the other groups.
  10. The soils belong to the dominant type " Vertisol p�lico " and " Regosol e�trico " and the associated soil type " Feozem h�plico ".
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  1. a type of soil consisting of unconsolidated material from freshly deposited alluvium or sand

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