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  1. The bike was famously known by its UK registration mark, GOV 132.
  2. Registration marks inside the watch led police to Platt's home.
  3. Instead, registration black is used for printing crop marks, or " registration marks ".
  4. The Utah Trademark Protection Act created the electronic registration mark.
  5. These may be toys made by a variety of manufacturers bearing the German registration mark.
  6. The registration marks for an advanced ultra-light aeroplane after 1997 begin with " C-Ixxx ".
  7. Under the Irish-registered aircraft have carried a registration mark starting " EI " for �ire.
  8. Some " DW " and " EW " registration marks are also used for this purpose.
  9. Annex 7 to the Chicago Convention describes the definitions, location, and measurement of nationality and registration marks.
  10. Hence, a unique registration mark without letter prefix could be found on two different types of vehicles.

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