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• महत्त्वपूर्ण
• राजकीय
• राजसी
• राजोचित
• शानदार
• शाही
• वैभवपूर्ण राजकीय
• राज संबंधी
• नृपोचित
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  1. They have been regaling friends and relatives in Indiana ever since.
  2. Regale your nephew with the origin of the Big Apple nickname.
  3. They regale me with stories of nasty scenes and aborted retrospectives.
  4. There is nothing better than listening to your characters regale you.
  5. And local health workers regaled them with stories from the campaign.
  6. Meanwhile La Bourdonnais would be downstairs regaling himself at the chessboard.
  7. And he often regaled collectors with stories of his feats.
  8. But there was time for regaling and relaxing, too.
  9. There again were magical names that had regaled me the year before.
  10. Once it toasted him, regaled him as a genius and visionary.
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