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• नवीनीकरण
• नया करना
• नवीकरण
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  1. But a yearlong, $ 2 million refurbishment changed all that.
  2. The refurbishments and festivities will cost at least $ 50 million.
  3. Columbia is overdue for a routine, year-long refurbishment.
  4. The QE2 had set off before extensive refurbishment had been completed.
  5. In 2011 the swimming pool underwent a ?00, 000 refurbishment.
  6. The Conservatory in the park has recently reopened after a refurbishment.
  7. Streatham Library has also undergone a ?.2 million refurbishment.
  8. The total cost of refurbishment and reconstruction was 35 million euros.
  9. The first was based on the refurbishment of the first exile.
  10. When Robert Menzies'wife Pattie Menzies supervised a major refurbishment.
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  1. the state of being restored to its former good condition; "the inn was a renovation of a Colonial house"
    synonyms:renovation, restoration

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