refund order meaning in Hindi

refund order sentence in Hindi

• धन वापसी आदेश
• धन वापसी का आदेश
• प्रतिदाय आदेश
• वापसी का आदेश
refund:    प्रतिदाय वापसी धन
order:    प्रणाली अनुशासन
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  1. Our refund orders have been paltry and in my opinion arbitrary.
  2. The investigations and possible refund orders could be tied up in court for years, some have predicted.
  3. "There is a definite possibility we will pursue a stay " of the refund order, he said.
  4. Refund orders could come at any time, after which the companies could ask FERC to reconsider or appeal in federal court.
  5. The commission decided to limit its refund order to the hours when California declared a Stage 3 emergency, when supplies are critically low.
  6. But in December it vowed to keep closer tabs on prices charged in the state's auction markets, setting up Friday's potential refund order.
  7. When the California crisis grew severe last December, the commission issued a refund order, a shot across the bow for generators charging high prices.
  8. The decision reversed a 1993 lower court ruling and affirmed a $ 119 million refund order against 20th Century Insurance Co . of Los Angeles.
  9. The ruling reversed a lower court decision made last year and affirmed a $ 119 million refund order against 20th Century Insurance Company of Los Angeles.
  10. "Today's refund order demonstrates the commission's commitment to ensure appropriate and reasonable prices in the wholesale electricity market given the supply and demand imbalance in California, " he said in a statement.
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