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  1. The company is also a major redistributor of foreign independent and electronic music releases in Hungary.
  2. Some licenses do not allow derived works to add a restriction that says a redistributor cannot add more restrictions.
  3. In 1994 it was sold to Scribona, an office electronics redistributor, which was a recent spinn-off from the Esselte group.
  4. The largest importer and exporter by value is the Netherlands, which is both a grower and a redistributor of crops imported from other countries.
  5. According to Bradley M . Kuhn of Software Freedom Conservancy, this exception statement is ambiguous and " leaves the redistributor feeling unclear about their rights ".
  6. :: WRT your first point, " " anything burdened with IP will be an issue to a potential redistributor of our content . ""
  7. "Snow " was the second most widely sold game of 2003 on Getchu . com, a major redistributor of visual novel and domestic anime products.
  8. :It might be seen as an untolerable expression of individuality on the shared capital since the state is assumed to have the role as an organised redistributor of riches.
  9. :Our concern with non-free images is not the legality side of IP, but the fact that anything burdened with IP will be an issue to a potential redistributor of our content.
  10. Creative Commons : Attribution-ShareAlike-This license permits free use, including commercial use; requires that you be attributed as the creator; and requires that any derivative creator or redistributor of your work use the same license.

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