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  1. This year she needs a Reign check, redeemable next year.
  2. The deal includes the assumption of debt and redeemable preferred stock.
  3. They're only redeemable at Pizza Pizza stores outside SkyDome.
  4. He added that tragedies, though often inexplicable, were redeemable.
  5. They were redeemable at commercial banks until September 30, 2007.
  6. I agree with the others who think he's redeemable.
  7. COMMENTS : Each unit consists of two shares and two redeemable warrants.
  8. The one redeemable quality of our young receivers is they have speed.
  9. The notes will be redeemable starting in the year 2002.
  10. In the 1890s, the company mailed redeemable Coke coupons to consumers.


  1. susceptible to improvement or reform; "a redeemable sinner"
  2. able to be converted into ready money or the equivalent; "a cashable check"; "cashable gambling chips"; "redeemable stocks and bonds"; "a redeemable coupon"
  3. recoverable upon payment or fulfilling a condition; "redeemable goods in a pawnshop"

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