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रक्ताभ बैंगनी
रक्‍ताभ बैंगनी
reddish:    रक्‍ताभ रक्ताभ
violet:    बनफशी रंग बनफशा
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  1. The forewings are fuscous with slight reddish violet luster.
  2. The larvae are reddish violet when young, but turn dark blue as they develop.
  3. The upper two petals are reddish violet, and the lower three are purplish to white with purple veining and yellow or orange bases.
  4. From June 1916 a new ribbon was used, at times crimson or sometimes reddish violet, and edged with 3 millimetres wide white bands.
  5. The unscented, flowers are in diameter, come in shades of violet, reddish violet, lilac, blue-purple, or blue.
  6. The petals are deep purple to reddish violet on the outside and white, sometimes with purple spots on the lower part of the inside.
  7. The inner spore-bearing surface of the cup, the hymenium, is pale violet to reddish violet in color, often centrally depressed and slightly wrinked.
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