recurrence interval meaning in Hindi

recurrence interval sentence in Hindi

पुनरावृति काल
पुनरावृत्ति अंतराल
recurrence:    आवृत्ति पुनरागमन
interval:    अंतराल अन्तर
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  1. The average recurrence interval of this rainfall event was estimated at more than 100 years.
  2. Studies determined that the earthquake recurrence interval for the Nicoya Peninsula was about 50 years.
  3. The recurrence interval for large earthquakes along the fault is predicted to be about 400 years.
  4. The river experienced a record flood on May 14, 1970 with a greater than 50 year recurrence interval.
  5. This problem can be overcome by plotting the discharge and / or recurrence interval data on logarithmic graph paper.
  6. The public can easily and incorrectly conclude that the recurrence interval applies to all stream reaches in the flood area.
  7. This was one of the recurring interplate earthquakes at the offshore Miyagi with a recurrence interval of about 37 years.
  8. Late in his career, Hazen concentrated on ways to statistically describe the recurrence interval of flood flows in rivers.
  9. Studies show that magnitude 7 earthquakes can be expected to occur on this fault with approximately a 700-year recurrence interval.
  10. The technique involves projecting the curve ( graph line ) formed when peak annual discharges are plotted against their respective recurrence intervals.
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