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  1. This apparently has the effect of modulating autonomic reactivity to stimulation.
  2. In crystalline compounds, the crystalline form can also affect reactivity.
  3. Toxic early stress leads to stress reactivity and self-protectionism.
  4. MLCT states reactivity often depends on the oxidation of the metal.
  5. Variations in the counterion also affect the reactivity of the borohydride.
  6. Deprotonation of thiazole moiety in thiamine pyrophosphate results in ambivalent chemical reactivity
  7. Possible reactivity at aldehydes include nucleophilic attack and addition of allylmetals.
  8. The reactivity of the acyl glucoronides can affect the protein binding.
  9. Despite its high reactivity, DMDO displays good selectivity for olefins.
  10. However its reactivity and incompatibility with many materials hindered such use.


  1. responsive to stimulation
  2. ready susceptibility to chemical change

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