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  1. In the reaction chambers, nitric oxide reacts with oxygen to produce nitrogen dioxide.
  2. These designs cause overheating resulting in premature failure of the electrocoagulation reaction chamber.
  3. Heat loss is suppressed by magnetic confinement in the reaction chamber and nozzle.
  4. Also, it is different for different structures of the reaction chamber.
  5. The reaction chamber is surrounded by powerful magnetic fields to contain the anti-matter.
  6. In the reaction chambers, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide dissolve in the reaction liquor.
  7. Sulfuric acid produced in the reaction chambers is limited to about 35 % concentration.
  8. The reaction chamber is, on the whole, dramatically simpler than those in magnetic fusion concepts.
  9. The pedestal / susceptor is the primary origin of heat energy in the reaction chamber.
  10. Collisions also spray high-mass ions into the reaction chamber, pollute the plasma and cool the fuel.
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