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  1. The system provides 80 percent of the raw water supply for Jakarta.
  2. Six water treatment plants draw their raw water from these two canals.
  3. Without treatment, raw water can be used for farming, construction or cleaning purposes.
  4. He concedes the quality of the raw water supply is deteriorating.
  5. Raw water is supplied from the Malacca River, Kesang River and Gerisik River.
  6. The new station can deliver of raw water per day to the works.
  7. The contamination was caused by low-quality raw water entering the dam.
  8. Malaysia supplies 214 million litres of raw water daily to Singapore.
  9. The raw water source for the city is Lake Mutirikwi.
  10. Scientists have to filter 1, 000 liters of raw water just to find one.

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