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• रेखापुंज क्रमवीक्षण
raster:    चित्ररेखापुंज
scan:    बारीकी से जाँच
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  1. Vector displays are a now-obsolete alternative to raster scan displays.
  2. This created a raster scan display not unlike a television.
  3. The shadow masking technique uses raster scan.
  4. The vibration was converted to raster scan lines and sent to the nearby CRT display.
  5. Modern systems typically use some sort of raster scan display to produce a map-like image.
  6. The principle of using an U, V co-ordinates during raster scan of texture mapped polygons.
  7. With Pierre Mertz, Gray wrote the classic paper on the mathematics of raster scan systems in 1934.
  8. Since diagrams consist largely of whitespace and a few lines, a simple raster scan would be too time consuming.
  9. Knowing that time lets you know where the gun is pointing because the progress of the raster scan is known.
  10. Image of the magnetic stray field is obtained by scanning the magnetized tip over the sample surface in a raster scan.
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