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  1. That separated McMahon's football venture from his rassling show.
  2. Excellent job rassling a very complex topic down to earth.
  3. This concept in rassling made McMahon a billionaire.
  4. But the gov is a former rassler working for a football league bankrolled by rassling mogul Vince McMahon.
  5. Pig Rassling participants'bodies and faces, including children's, are smeared with the dirt.
  6. "I was a big ol'farm boy,'rassling steers and fighting brothers, " he says.
  7. In August 2014, Hindi denounced as animal abuse the Pig Rassling fundraiser held by the St . Patrick Catholic Church in Stephensville, Wisconsin.
  8. Good thing, too, or this one-dish meal would create more of a mess than a mud-rassling match atop Martha Stewart's coffee table.
  9. I looked at ( singer Richard Ashcroft's ) picture, if we were at a party, me and him would probably be rassling in the bean dip.
  10. I wasn't the only one impressed, because the omelet wizard attracted a larger crowd than a mud-rassling match between Humpty Dumpty and the Queen of Hearts.
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  1. the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down
    synonyms:wrestling, grappling

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