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• धूर्तता से
• धूर्त
• शरारती
• नटखट
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  1. Such folie des grandeurs is scarcely limited to that rascally rabbit.
  2. His rascally charm helps breathe life into the film.
  3. And Hackman tears up the screen as the family's rascally patriarch.
  4. The show's host, Dave Coulier, voiced the rascally hybrid.
  5. The team _ a rascally, racially mixed bunch of hormonal boys _ stinks.
  6. His favorite among the sailors is a rascally quasi-pirate called Jim Kearney.
  7. Jonathan Swift attributed this event to " the carelessness of the rascally French servants ".
  8. Meanwhile, fans of that rascally Jack Russell terrier Wishbone get a small reprieve this week.
  9. Now, about that rascally rabbit.
  10. You may loathe the rascally monk.
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  1. lacking principles or scruples; "the rascally rabble"; "the tyranny of a scoundrelly aristocracy" - W.M. Thackaray; "the captain was set adrift by his roguish crew"
    synonyms:, ,
  2. playful in an appealingly bold way; "a roguish grin"

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