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  1. Also, the ganglia of the thoracic sympathetic trunk have both white and gray rami communicantes.
  2. The grey and white rami communicantes are responsible for conveying autonomic signals, specifically for the sympathetic nervous system.
  3. They are joined, near their origins, by gray rami communicantes from the lumbar ganglia of the sympathetic trunk.
  4. The fibers of the sympathetic trunk above and below T1-L2 originate from white rami communicantes within T1-L2.
  5. Near the origin of the divisions, they are joined by gray rami communicantes from the lumbar ganglia of the sympathetic trunk.
  6. Shortly after a spinal nerve exits the intervertebral foramen, it branches into the dorsal ramus, ventral ramus, and rami communicantes.
  7. Even though the sympathetic trunk extends below L2, there are no more white rami communicantes below L2 because the intermediolateral cell column ends before this.
  8. The cell bodies for the preganglionic sympathetic myelinated fibers in the white rami communicantes lie in the ipsilateral ( same sided ) intermediolateral cell column in the spinal cord which extends from T1-L2.
  9. If the response is the whole body response, as in sympathetic fight or flight, the signals are distributed to other spinal nerves by way of gray rami communicantes which serve as conduits between the spinal nerves.
  10. Their difference in coloration is caused by differences in myelination of the nerve fibres contained within, i . e . there are more myelinated than unmyelinated fibres in the white rami communicantes while the converse is true for the grey rami communicantes.

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