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  1. One of Ramet's early books, " Whose Democracy?
  2. Such a colony is called a genet, and an individual in such a population is referred to as a ramet.
  3. In 2008, historian Dejan Djokic called Ramet " undoubtedly the most prolific scholar of the former Yugoslavia writing in English ".
  4. It's actually fairly decent and just to correct myself it was written by David Ost and not Sabrina Ramet who was the editor.
  5. Historians Sabrina P . Ramet and Marko Attila Hoare estimate that about 300 Serbs were massacred while historian Davide Rodogno puts the number at 417 killed.
  6. "I think that they consider us'adapted, "'said Nathan Ramet, a Holocaust survivor and president of the Jewish museum.
  7. "' Abraham's House "'was the name once given to a ruined structure at Ramet-el-Khulil near Hebron.
  8. SEGAL ( " Soci�t?Europ�enne de Galvanisation " ) at Ivoz-Ramet, Liege, Belgium which would produce hot dip galvanized steel for the car industry.
  9. Ramet is also a Senior Associate at the Centre for the Study of Civil War as well as a Research Associate at the Science and Research Centre in Koper, Slovenia.
  10. Sabrina Ramet noted that Ku an and Miloaevi reached an agreement in January 1991 in which Miloaevi gave his assurances that Slovenia's independence bid would not be opposed by Serbia.

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